10 Reasons to Try Boxing Fitness


- By George Foreman III, Co-founder of EveryBodyFights® & Creator of BoxFIIT™ 

Boxing fitness can challenge and strengthen you both mentally and physically. Here are 10 reasons to try it for yourself:

  1. Full Body Workout: Boxing fitness will engage your upper body, lower body and core which will improve strength, endurance, agility, power and balance. When done properly, boxing fitness can burn up to 1000 calories per hour!
  2. Fun: Fitness-wise, few workouts can be as fun as boxing fitness. It’s a high-energy, engaging workout that will leave you sweating, full of endorphins, smiling and addicted.
  3. Real: While working out “to be healthy” or “to lose weight” is important, these goals are sometimes not exciting or motivating enough to get us to the gym consistently. Boxing gives working out a new purpose, regardless of whether you plan to step in the ring or just want to spend an hour throwing some punches. Each boxing movement has a purpose, such as to keep your opponent at bay, knock them out, or get out of the way of a punch. Because it’s a real sport you will never get bored and will find it fun to watch fights on TV and see what you learned in action.
  4. Original: Boxing is one of the original forms of (HIIT) high intensity interval training. A proper boxing fitness workout is performed in short burst of intense work over the course of a specific number of rounds. Increased cardiovascular fitness can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and cardiovascular disease.
  5. Therapeutic: After a long day, there’s nothing more satisfying than throwing a punch. Beyond the endorphin-releasing benefits of exercise, boxing requires a high level of focus, which eliminates the possibility of dwelling on daily stressors. In addition, the simple act of punching a bag can be very therapeutic.  
  6. Variety: With boxing, there is always more to learn. Endless techniques and strategies keep boxing workouts new and exciting, preventing the potential monotony of other forms of exercise. You’ll never get bored!
  7. Skill: Boxing fitness not only gets you in great shape, but you’ll learn a new skill that you can perfect over time and make your workout even more efficient and fun. This skill translates beyond the gym and into your daily life. 
  8. Community: While a knock out may be celebrated in the ring, the boxing fitness community is one of support, encouragement and excitement. Going to the gym becomes less about exercise and more about joining a vibrant and motivating community.  
  9. Swagger: Boxing fitness presents a challenge that, with commitment and mental toughness, can be conquered. Boxing not only trains the body, but also strengthens the mind to face and conquer challenges presented in our everyday lives at work, school, home, and everything in between. Studies show that when muggers are choosing who they will attack, they can make their decision in 5 seconds and the decision is primarily made by choosing those who carry themselves with body language and expressions that reflect poor self confidence. No workout is better at developing a confident swagger than boxing.
  10. For You: Anyone can do it. Boxing as a fitness activity can be adapted to any skill level and age. And regardless of who you are and your background, we can all ball up our fist and throw a punch.

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About George Foreman III

George Foreman III is the co-founder of EveryBodyFights® and creator of BoxFIIT™ (Fight Intensity Interval Training®). After managing his father George Foreman Sr., and a brief stint as a professional boxer himself, George turned his attention bring boxing fitness back to the masses.  In 2013, George opened the first location in Boston MA. Since then, George has launched EBF Fight School™, a BOXFIIT™ certification program for trainers and fitness enthusiasts, as well as an EBF Studio™ in partnership with Healthworks Group, a box-in-a-box program bringing the boutique experience to big box gyms. EveryBodyFights® mission is to equip people with the fitness, nutrition and motivational tools to unleash their inner fighter. 

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