FitReserve Studio Spotlight: C2 Pilates & BEATBARRE


Getting your body to peak condition means so much more than a number on the scale or a goal dress size. Get to your best body at C2 Pilates & BeatBarre, where you can discover, control, and strengthen your muscles with a variety of STOTT Pilates®-based classes. With locations in Boston and Dedham (in the Dedham Health & Athletic Complex) – classes range from classic reformer Pilates to edgy pole workouts, letting you customize your workout schedule for your body needs. 

Neighborhoods: South Boston, Dedham

Classes Offered: Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, Pilates Chair, BeatBarre, Cardio Core, Pole, Bootcamp Barre

Why We Love It: In addition to the amazing classes that will kick your butt, we love the body positive philosophy of the studio. Entering a studio with the motto, “We believe that every body is perfect. We’re just here to help you manage it,” helps you set the right tone for reaching your own fitness goals.

Why It's So Effective: These studios feature a variety of classes that are all rooted in the STOTT Pilates® foundation. Classes provide the same the same muscle toning, stability, balance, posture, breath control, and mind body balance work that traditional Pilates classes do, and the variety keeps your workout fresh and prevents fitness plateau. Classes like BEATBARRE and CARDIO CORE add a calorie-blasting element, while POLE classes empower your confidence. Each class employs co-activation, meaning you maximize your time by using multiple body parts at once.

Know Before You Go: There are multiple class locations for each studio. In Dedham, Pilates classes are held on the first floor, and BEATBARRE classes on the second floor. In Boston, BEATBARRE classes take place at 844 Summer Street (Street Level), and Pilates classes take place at 840 Summer Street (Space 203). 

Prior reformer Pilates experience is required to take any of the Pilates classes in Dedham; those new to Pilates should start with the BEGINNER PILATES REFORMER class in Boston.

Don't Miss: If you’ve always wanted to try a pole workout, but have been too intimidated to start, try a POLE INTRO CLASS. This supportive class is designed for newbies, and will help you build the confidence to get into this exciting workout.

Added Bonus: Inspired to turn your Pilates practice into a career? Check out the classes offered at C2 Pilates & BeatBarre!

Ready to try it for your self? Reserve a class today at the South Boston or Dedham studio!

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