10 Reasons to Warm Up To Cooler Temperatures


You may have tried hot yoga or other heated workout classes...but what about working out in the cold? That's right, just as the temps are getting colder outside, people are flocking to BRRRN, the first and only cool temperature fitness experience. Here, they share 10 reasons why you should warm up to cooler temperatures.

10. You burn more calories.

Research suggests that frequent exposure to cooler temperatures—between 40-64°F (known as mild cold stress)— burns more calories than in an ambient or hot environment. Why? Your body has to expend more energy to keep itself warm. So if you’re looking for that six-pack, chances are it’ll be stocked in a cooler workout environment (get it?).

9. You burn fat with fat.  

Yep, you heard that right. When exposed to 64°F or lower, your body activates brown adipose tissue (BAT) to stay warm. And these mitochondria-rich cells (which under a microscope look...wait for it…look BROWN) utilize white adipose tissue (WAT) (which is the type of fat that we wish away every New Year) as fuel to keep us nice as toasty. #ScienceIsCool.

8. You can acclimate better to colder climates.

Just like consuming more alcohol increases your tolerance to alcohol, the same rule applies to cooler temps. The more time you’re consumed in a state of cool, the less cold you'll feel when the temperature drops. So share that tip with your bartender the next time you're closing out your tab. 

7. It encourages movement.

Remember how lethargic you felt sitting in a hot classroom or a crowded subway train? That's because your body is working overtime so you don’t overheat. But when the temperature drops, your body feels reinvigorated and more energetic. Kind of like how Mario feels when he runs into a Super Star in Super Mario Bros. #VideoGamesAreCool.

6. It's more hygienic. 

Ever wonder why hospitals and mortuaries are set to cooler temperatures or why wine, produce and meat are stored in fridges? This is to slow the rate of bacteria growth, which thrives in a heated environment. Talk about a spoiler alert. 

5. You'll take less sick days.

Many people think that the cold will get you sick. However, research suggests that illness in colder months has less to do with temperature and more to do with low humidity (which is terrible for respiration) and the fact that we are inside more often. So if you're sick of being sick during the Fall and Winter, end your showers on cold or invest in doing a cryotherapy session. Studies have shown that this can reduce inflammation in the body, which researchers suggest is at the root of most illnesses. 

4. You’ll become a better athlete.

Curious as to why the New York City Marathon is in November and the Boston Marathon in April? That's because runners know that cooler temps produce the best marathon times. When the body doesn't have to work hard to cool off, it can focus its full attention on performance. That said, make sure you find time to increase muscle temperature through dynamic warm-ups and "breathercise" techniques before engaging in any cool temperature oriented physical activity. 

3. It promotes a vanity-free lifestyle.

If you're like us, you're probably exhausted from all of the shirtless selfies on Instagram. So as we move into the months when the temperature drops, try and keep those amazing, overpriced activewear clothes on. You'll not only be less critical over your appearance but can allocate time to being more in the moment. 

2. You'll get more laughs.

Back in the 80's, David Letterman noticed that his audience was much more alert and receptive to his sense of humor when he kept his studio at 55°F. How funny is that? So the next time you're looking to make someone laugh, you might want to lower the thermostat before you test out your new material. #ComedyIsCool #RuleOfThirds

1. Because not everyone is doing it. 

Most people would rather be warm than cold. But why be like everyone else? So if you’re looking to be the coolest person in the room, we suggest that you publicly announce that you’re giving heat the cold shoulder. Because let's be honest, the best things in life are the moments that give us goosebumps!


In May of 2018, BRRRN open the world’s first cool temperature fitness studio in Manhattan’s Flatiron/Chelsea neighborhood. BRRRN offers three main workouts: a yoga-inspired mobility and strength series, a core and cardio slide board series, and a battlerope and dumbbell circuit series. Reserve a class on FitReserve today! 

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