5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Fitness Routine


Been wanting to get in a fitness rhythm but haven’t had the time or courage to pack your gym bag? Turn FOMO into get-up-and-go. If you’re not in the swing of attending regular group ex classes, it might feel intimidating. But there are simple ways to get on track — and stay on track. 

  1. Plan in advance. Schedule your workouts at least one week out. Make sure those dates and times are in your calendar. Then nothing will get in your way, including excuses.  
  2. Warm yourself up. Find ways to sneak in a little “pre-game” before you get to the gym or studio. For example, if you have a work call and don’t need to be in front of a computer, take the call while walking to squeeze in a few extra steps. Half the battle is mindset, and when you warm yourself up, you’re already halfway there.  
  3. Grab a workout buddy. When you grab a friend and hit a class together, you have a built-in cheerleader that motivates you to reach your goals. And if you wind up with a little friendly competition along the way, well… that doesn’t hurt, either! 
  4. Mix it up. Variety is the new routine. Try new workouts to spice things up and give your body the benefit of different modalities. Maybe it’s cycling one day, weight training the next, and yoga or Pilates to round the week out. One thing is certain: You’ll never be bored! 
  5. Know when it’s love. There is an activity for everyone; it’s just a matter of finding what you really enjoy. So stay in tune with what your body is telling you during class. Pay attention to the mood you’re in afterward. If you’re getting a lift, you’ve found something worth sticking with.   

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