Strength Training 101: Lift Your Knowledge of the Basics


When you think about strength training, you might imagine exercises that make your biceps pop. But more sculpted muscles isn’t the only goal or outcome. Strength training on a regular basis helps you do your daily activities easier with more energy and endurance. It can also lower your cholesterol, help improve stress, improve balance and enhance bone density. 

Here’s your quick guide to starting a strength training routine. 

What is strength training? 
Strength training uses opposing force to build strength across your body and increase your muscle mass. You’ll do movements, either with your own bodyweight (squats and pushups qualify), resistance bands (they look like oversized rubber bands) or with actual weights (from kettlebells to hand weights), that recruit multiple muscle groups or isolate your muscles. 

What group exercise classes qualify as strength training? 
You can get strength training benefits in nearly all types of group exercise classes. Some specifically designed to boost your strength include weight training/lifting, HIIT and power yoga. Keep in mind that classes like Pilates and barre are also good for building strength, especially core strength. 

How often a week should you strength train? 
The Mayo clinic advises doing strength training exercises for all major muscle groups at least two times a week. That’s two classes per week at your local studio using your FitReserve membership — mix it up, variety is the spice of keeping a workout routine sustainable! 

What is the biggest tip for starting a strength training routine? 
Don’t go all out all at once. Choose a lighter weight, try a few reps and adjust from there. You can do more reps with lighter weights, or less reps with heavier weights. Do what feels right for you, while keeping one key thing in mind: The goal should always be perfect form, no matter the weight you use.  

About FitReserve:

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