FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Brooklyn Strength


Core, control, and anatomical awareness are all key at Brooklyn Strength, a boutique studio that offers unique variations on traditional Pilates classes. This Cobble Hill studio offers three different classes: Springboard Pilates, Springboard Athletics, and a signature Strength & Contrology class. Springboard Pilates is a straight Pilates class that uses the Springboard for added intensity; Springboard Athletics incorporates cardio intervals and weight training into the Pilates practice; and Strength & Contrology builds on a Pilates foundation with core-focused strengthening, Kettlebell training, body resistance exercises, and cardio intervals. Each class is open to all levels, and will help you work on total body fitness in a safe, mindful environment.

Neighborhood: Cobble Hill

Classes Offered: Springboard Athletics, Springboard Pilates, Strength & Contrology, Fascia Release: Flexibility and Pain Relief

Why We Love It: Each group class is small – 10 students max – which guarantees hands on attention from instructors. As form is especially important in Pilates practice, the minor adjustments they make can equal a major difference in results! A dedicated client of owner Cadence Dubois, Girls star Jemima Kirke is a fan too! 

Why It's So Effective: Pilates equipment classes use bodyweight and spring resistance to sculpt long, lean, dancer muscles with a focus on the core. Brooklyn Strength incorporates these principles, along with cardio blasting intervals, into each class, which means you burn calories while toning muscles.

Know Before You Go: This studio is environmentally friendly, meaning there is no water available for purchase. Bring your own water bottle.

Don't Miss: There is a lot to love about Brooklyn Strength’s signature class, Strength & Contrology! On top of the core-toning springboard Pilates work, this class uses Kettlebells, body resistance exercises, and cardio intervals to build lean muscle strength. Strength & Contrology puts a big focus on proper form, so whether you are a Pilates newbie or expert, you’ll be able to complete the class safely. Plus, the studio frequently offers special workshops on nutrition, posture and more - stay in the know here.

Added Bonus: No need to lug around your stuff! Brooklyn Strength offers free towels and mats.

Ready to experience it for yourself? Reserve a class at Brooklyn Strength today!

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