GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Cross Train LA; Los Angeles, CA


Location: Hollywood, CA

Types of Classes Offered: Pilates, Power Yoga, High Intensity Training, Kettlebell, TRX


What inspired you to open Cross Train LA and how do you feel it is unique from other studios? We opened Cross Train LA because we saw a need in the fitness community for what we are offering. It all began when we realized that our clients were getting more benefit and faster results from cross-training between high intensity exercise and Pilates.  We used that model to create our group classes program. We focus on all aspects of a healthy body: body weight strength, core strength, cardio endurance, correct posture, and flexibility.

Our studio is different from others because we offer a structured program and guarantee results. We mandate that clients commit to training six days a week for the first month, and we get to know each client and help them to achieve their goals.

What is the Cross Train Method? The Cross Train Method is an intense diet and exercise program that will get you in the best shape of your life. For six days a week you will be combining high intensity training, Pilates, and power yoga. These three disciplines will change your body composition, tighten your core, improve your posture and create flexibility. Our program is specifically designed to allow you to workout every day without completely exhausting your major muscle groups.

How would you describe the teaching style at Cross Train LA? Everything we do at Cross Train LA is intense. It’s amazing how quickly your body will change when you set your mind on our program. Most clients who start with us have never worked out six days a week, and do not think it’s even possible. Around day 10 the body has completely adjusted and you will start to crave exercise EVERY day!

Advice for first-timers: Keep an open mind. This will probably be one of the more challenging things you have done, but we are here to help you.

What sort of nutritional program do you advocate for your clients? We provide a comprehensive plant-based diet to all of our clients. This includes what we call a “Diet Matrix” which separates foods into categories such as “Unlimited”, “Limited”, and “Avoid”.  It breaks it down, and keeps things simple. We also provide a sample meal plan for the first week so clients can get accustomed to their new diet. We enforce this as much as we possibly can for the client’s first 30 days to ensure optimal results.

Ready to make the commitment to change your body? Check out Cross Train LA today!

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  • [...] Offering Pilates, Power Yoga, High Intensity Training, Kettlebell and TRX, Cross Train LA offers an intense, structured diet and exercise program focusing on body weight strength, core strength, cardio endurance, correct posture, and flexibility in a friendly and supportive environment.  Clients commit to training six days a week for the first month to ensure optimal results.  Read more… [...]

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