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6 Ways to Spring-Clean Your Fitness Routine


The best way to get in shape for summer? Do a little spring cleaning. We’re talking about trying new things to spruce up your fitness routine. Whether it’s a small thing, like squeezing in extra steps, or a bigger commitment to wellness, like keeping your schedule full of group fitness classes, we’ve got ways you can start fresh.

  1. Become the master of your calendar. Schedule your workouts in advance. That [...]

5 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep


We all know what it’s like to go to bed and then, like clockwork, our mind starts racing. Or what about the evenings we tell ourselves we’ll stay up just a little longer to binge that last episode and, suddenly, it’s 1 am. And then there are the nights — the many, many nights — when we wake up what feels like every hour for no good reason.

Getting the [...]

FitReserve Expands Premier Studio Network to More Major Markets


Lisa Hagendorf
Centerpiece Public Relations
— FitReserve Now Available in San Francisco, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Dallas, Denver, San Diego, Tampa, Seattle, and Charlotte — 
LAKE FOREST, IL (March 8, 2023)FitReserve, a multi-studio fitness membership that allows members to mix and match in-person, live-stream, and on-demand workouts, today announced its launch in 10 more [...]

7 Ways to Commit to Your Fitness Goals with FitReserve


You made them. Are you sticking to them? Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve slowed down — fitness goals are easier made than reached! But with a community like FitReserve you can easily get back, and stay, on track. Here are seven ways FitReserve can help you banish excuses, simplify your active life and keep you motivated all year long.
  1. Mix things up. Boredom is one of the [...]