FitReserve Trainer Profile: Becca Skudder


As anyone who has trained for a race during a Boston winter knows, it can be a wet, chilly, snowy, icy, ankle turning experience. Though all who survive it wear it as a badge of honor, MyStryde founder Becca Skudder has come up with a better way. Becca took her passion for running to create MyStryde, a treadmill fitness class that provides a fun, motivating, and exciting [...]

FitReserve Studio Spotlight: MyStryde


Nice try, Boston weather, but you can’t keep us from training for a marathon this winter. Brand new to FitReserve – and brand new to Boston – MyStryde is bringing the indoor running class trend to New England with its sweet new North End studio. Featuring twelve WOODWAY treadmills, this boutique studio helps you improve your speed, cardio endurance and form in motivating small group classes.


3 Tips for New Runners to Go The Distance, Pain-Free


- By Nathaniel Oliver, Founder of Fitness Runs

Thinking of adding running to your routine or amping up your mileage? Running is a great way to get in shape and you can do it almost anywhere. Before lacing up, follow these three tips from running coach Nathaniel Oliver, founder of Fitness Runs in NYC. 

  1. Buy Proper Fitting Sneakers.  There is nothing like running [...]

In It for the Long Run: Samantha Gash


- By Caila Ball

Running a marathon: impressive. Running an ultra marathon: incredible. Running four ultra marathons, each 250 kilometers (155 miles) in uniquely challenging desert terrain, in one year: that’s a level of physical and mental fitness most people can’t even imagine.

Samantha Gash is one of less than 30 people in the world who doesn’t have to imagine this experience, because she lived it [...]

Fitness Runs: Not Your Average Run in the Park



Location: New York, NY

Classes Offered: The FITNESSRUNS, Run + Yoga, Run + Drills

Owner: Nathaniel Oliver

Why You Should Check Fitness Runs Out: 

  • 5 great outdoor locations so you can enjoy the beautiful NYC parks and waterfront all year long: 6th St and FDR; Battery Park City; 44th & 12 Avenue (Pier 83); 70th & Riverside [...]