6 Reasons to Try Kettlebells


If you haven't used them, by now you have probably seen kettlebells floating around your local gym or studio.  They look like cannonballs with handles and are one of the most efficient training tools around.  They have been used for centuries in Eastern Europe and for good reason.  

Mike Chira, co-founder of Brooklyn's newest elite functional training studio Concrete Fitness (which offers a signature "Kettle to the [...]

GoRecess Playground Pro: Ed Cashin, Exceed Fitness



Studios Where He Teaches: Exceed Fitness, NYC; Exceed Fitness, East Hampton

Classes He Teaches: TRX®, TR-Xbox, Kettlebell Fusion, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Jump Start, Exceed Team Training

Hometown: Amagansett, NY

Background: Ed Cashin is the Co-Founder of Exceed Fitness in NYC and Exceed Fitness in East Hampton and one of the country's most renowned fitness trainers [...]