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FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Twisted Trunk Yoga


Stand up straight, shoulders back and stabilize that core - these are all tidbits of advice that workout enthusiasts have heard time and again. It's for good reason, too, as the importance of core strength and proper alignment can't be stressed enough. 

At Twisted Trunk Yoga, the biomechanics of alignment is a core principle that permeates every class. Classes are all taught by highly-trained instructors [...]

5 Benefits of Trampoline Training


- By Louis Coraggio, Founder of trampoLEAN

If you’re seeking to improve your health and fitness, trampoline training (also known as rebounding) is not only fun, it’s an excellent exercise choice. Training on a trampoline is low-impact and has similar benefits as running. It burns as many calories as indoor cycling and targets more muscles. Here are five important benefits of the mini-fitness trampoline.

  1. [...]

FitReserve Studio Spotlight: New Love City


Welcome to your new Greenpoint yoga oasis, New Love City! This boutique neighborhood studio is filled with natural light and eclectic music, not to mention vinyasa classes and killer instructors that will rock your body on the mat. New Love City takes a fresh concept of wellness-forward yoga studio-meets-co-working space, and infuses it with a big personality and welcoming vibe.  This studio is dead serious about creative [...]

FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Doonya


It’s time to sweat with a smile at Doonya, a Bollywood-inspired workout in the Flatiron. Doonya lives up to its “happy workout” promise, and is all about positivity, celebrating your body and building confidence through movement. Through guided dance intervals, this aerobic dance class activates the major muscle groups of the abs, arms and legs, burning up to 800 calories in each class!

Neighborhood: Flatiron


FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Pranavah Yoga


It’s time to zen out in Long Island City, where Pranavah Yoga Studio offers a healthy mix of yoga, meditation, Pilates and barre fusion classes, along with classes specifically catered to pre- and post-natal students. All of Pranavah’s classes are a form of Hatha Yoga, which helps yogis purify and tone the physical body, while quieting and focusing the mind. Hatha Yoga has developed kriya techniques for cleansing [...]