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5 Reasons to Practice Yoga and Work Out in the Heat


bodē nyc owner, Jen Lobo, has loved the heat since she stepped into her first Bikram Yoga class back in San Francisco in 1996. As an athlete and avid marathon runner at the time (and not naturally flexible), she quickly realized the benefits of stretching and sweating in a heated environment and was able to gain a lot of flexibility in her first month. Marathon times and recovery time improved [...]

Featured Austin Fitness Studios


FitReserve has come to Austin! If you live in the area, or are visiting, it’s the perfect time to try something new and shake up your summer routine. There are so many options: Learn how to deliver an uppercut at a boxing studio, make a splash and test your limits in a local pool, practice the art of deep breathing during yoga, and so much more. 

Check out these picks [...]

Strength Training 101: Lift Your Knowledge of the Basics


When you think about strength training, you might imagine exercises that make your biceps pop. But more sculpted muscles isn’t the only goal or outcome. Strength training on a regular basis helps you do your daily activities easier with more energy and endurance. It can also lower your cholesterol, help improve stress, improve balance and enhance bone density. 

Here’s your quick guide to starting a strength training routine. 

What is [...]

6 Easy, Healthy Summer Habits


Summer has everyone switching gears. Less work, more play. Less scheduling, more free-spiriting. But that doesn’t mean your workout routine should become an afterthought. In fact, it’s even easier to stay active in the summertime and start a few healthy new habits. Here are some must-do's.

  1. Take a Meditation Walk. Sitting still to meditate isn’t for everyone. So why not try it while walking? You’ll get some steps in and [...]