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Tips for Surviving the Holidays from the Pros


'Tis the season...countless holiday parties, cocktails, cookies and more.  Here, some of the pros weigh in on their tips to enjoy the holidays without doing a number on your waistline, leading to more challenging New Year's resolutions.

"Be smart about your choices and know your limits!" Enjoy and's two of many the things we all will do while on vacation during the holiday. If time is [...]

Holiday Survival Guide 101: Be Merry in Moderation


- By Marxel Leobez, YG Studios

It’s a given, during the holiday season the average person will be lax if not lazy when it comes to keeping a clean lean diet.  And who wouldn’t be with all those sweet and traditional festive eats that are high in sugar and calories?
The rule of thumb to keeping trim during the holidays and staying focused on your fitness [...]

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Holiday Tips from Shay Kostabi


- By Shay Kostabi, YG Studios

I love holiday treats as much as the next person. But it is so easy to go completely off track and fall into the mind-set of, "Well, I already cheated on my diet, so I might as well go for that extra (insert indulgence here). I'll just restart in the new year. Now is my time to relax!" Hello? The partying starts [...]

FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Brooklyn Strength


Core, control, and anatomical awareness are all key at Brooklyn Strength, a boutique studio that offers unique variations on traditional Pilates classes. This Cobble Hill studio offers three different classes: Springboard Pilates, Springboard Athletics, and a signature Strength & Contrology class. Springboard Pilates is a straight Pilates class that uses the Springboard for added intensity; Springboard Athletics incorporates cardio intervals and weight training into the Pilates practice [...]