FitReserve Studio Spotlight: CityRow; New York, NY


- By Caroline Callahan Janson

Get ready, get set, row! In case you’ve been tuned out of fitness world chatter of late, rowing may be one of the fastest growing workouts around. And CityRow, the clean, well-lit studio on the Upper East Side, is one of New York’s top spots to get acquainted with how and why rowing works.

Owner: Helaine Knapp


GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Throwback Fitness; New York, NY


Location: New York, NY (Chelsea)

Co-Founders: Brian Gallagher, Ryan Wilke

Why You Should Check It Out: Looking for a bit more interaction and camaraderie during your workouts? Throwback Fitness is New York City’s first team fitness experience! Throwback is gamifying fitness by harnessing the feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and camaraderie that come from being part of a team, and the excitement felt when working together to [...]

10 Reasons to Try Indoor Rowing


Miss the days when exercise was as thoughtless as hearing the bell ring for recess (we at GoRecess are partial to that memory as well...)? Brian Gallagher and Ryan Wilke missed them too, so much so that they created a fitness concept combining the ridiculously great benefits of the Indoor Rower with the functional fitness flavors of CrossFit. Mix that in with a little friendly competition and you've [...]

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Rowbot Fitness; Smyrna, GA


Rowbot Fitness

Owners & Lead Instructors: Charles and Aubrey Anderson

What is indoor rowing and what makes it such a good workout? Indoor Rowing uses a machine to simulate rowing on the water. The exercise is a great workout because it uses all of the major muscle groups every stroke. It also happens to be a great combination of strength and cardio. The rowing stroke is like [...]