Your Hamptons Summer Sweat Guide


Photo Credit: Paddle Diva

- By Caila Ball-Dionne

Even though the Hamptons is one of the most indulgent summer escapes from New York City's fast paced rat race, it certainly doesn't have to be an escape from your fast paced workouts! Sure, the Hamptons is filled with shopping, sunning, eating, and drinking, but there are plenty of equally indulgent fitness classes to give balance to your [...]

10 Reasons to Try Ballet


Many think of ballet as a beautiful fantasy reserved for little girls or the physically gifted, but ballet technique offers amazing benefits that can take your fitness level to new heights. Here, world-class ballerina and creator of Everyday Ballet, Tiekka Tellier shares 10 reasons to try ballet. 

  1. Posture, posture, posture! Beyond looking taller (and slimmer!) standing up straight increases mental alertness and communicates confidence [...]