FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Barre & Soul


Though the term "ballerina body" should be enough incentive to draw you into one of Barre & Soul's three flagship locations, there are plenty of other reasons that you'll love these boutique studios. Located in Melrose, Harvard Square and Portsmouth (New Hampshire), these friendly neighborhood studios offer a variety of barre and yoga classes for all fitness levels. The classes are small, which means plenty of individual [...]

Your Hamptons Summer Sweat Guide


Photo Credit: Paddle Diva

- By Caila Ball-Dionne

Even though the Hamptons is one of the most indulgent summer escapes from New York City's fast paced rat race, it certainly doesn't have to be an escape from your fast paced workouts! Sure, the Hamptons is filled with shopping, sunning, eating, and drinking, but there are plenty of equally indulgent fitness classes to give balance to your [...]

3 Moves for Your Best #SummerSelfie from Pop Physique’s Jennifer Williams


Not quite ready for your #summerselfie close-up? Not to worry. Jennifer Williams, the former professional ballerina and creator of LA's hottest and most stylish boutique barre workout, Pop Physique, has you covered with some of her favorite exercises and expert tips - designed exclusively for GoRecess.

After just a few weeks of doing these fun, but super-effective exercises 3-4 times a week (in your living room or [...]

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: FLEX Studios; New York, NY


- By Caroline Callahan Janson

Serene, inspiring, and welcoming are hardly words any New Yorker uses to describe 14th Street. But FLEX Studios deserves all three words and then some. The bright, happy space features classes that are rigorous but not aggressive in tone. The teachers are knowledgeable and the 4,500 square foot space is crystal clean, with a wide open seating area and well-kept bathrooms, lockers and [...]

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Pure Barre


- By Caila Ball

Location: more than 180 studios nationwide

Classes Offered: 55-Minute Pure Barre Workout

Why You Should Check It Out: For ballerinas and chicken dancers alike, Pure Barre is an effective way to achieve a full-body toning, stretching and calorie burning workout in under an hour. In addition to toning and elongating muscles through ballet-inspired movements, the high intensity, low impact [...]