Monthly Archives: July, 2015

FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Sky Ting Yoga


When we heard that celebrity yoga trainers Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan were opening a new studio, we were prepared to claw our way to the front of the line (in a very peaceful yogi way, of course). Luckily, getting in a class at Sky Ting Yoga was much more Zen than that, and totally delivered on our high expectations. The brand new studio offers yoga and meditation [...]

FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Nimble Fitness


If you are still wondering what those straps hanging from your fitness studios’ ceiling are – or have a basic idea but are too intimidated to give them a whirl – it’s time to catch on to the TRX craze. Give those TRX straps a try at one of Nimble Fitness’s two Manhattan locations - Union Square and their new St. Mark's studio - which each offer [...]

Studio Spotlight: Train P3


Inspiring. Fun. Not for the weak of heart. These are just a few of the things that students gush about at Train P3. This full-body movement-based method takes students outside to Bethesda Fountain in Central Park in the fair-weather months of May through October, and keeps the fitness party going with indoor workouts at Velocity Sports Performance (133 East 58th Street) for the ever so slightly [...]

Studio Spotlight: Body Space Fitness


Finally: room to breathe in Manhattan! Amongst the crowded streets of the Flatiron, Body Space Fitness has carved itself out a huge, open space for fitness - 4,000 square feet, to be exact. The studio cranks up the cardio in a variety of high-energy classes, and keeps the endorphins on high with positive-minded coaches. For those who need a break from the treadmill, there is even a 65-foot [...]

Studio Spotlight: Brooklyn Zoo


If the most interesting obstacle you’ve had to overcome lately involves restarting your computer, it’s time to get yourself to Brooklyn Zoo. Control-alt-delete won’t get you through the physical obstacles offered in the ‘Zoo’s wide variety of unique movement classes, but its experienced instructors will teach you the parkour skills that will. Give parkour, breakdancing, trampoline, tumbling, tricking, dance and more a try to spice up your [...]