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100 FitReserve Studios & Counting...


UPDATE (1/28/16): We now have 275 studios and 35,000 monthly classes on the platform in NYC and Boston!

5 Reasons Why A Pilates Tower Class Is Your New Favorite Summer Workout


- By JulieAnne Hull, Instructor at Uptown Pilates 

  1. Isolation. The apparatus is sleek and lean, just like the muscles it will help you sculpt. The majority of Tower exercises focus on one area of the body at a time, making it easier to isolate muscle groups. Want “sun’s out, guns out” arms? Ask your instructor to challenge you with an extra arm spring variation or two.
  2. [...]

5 Reasons to Try Meditation


- By Kathy Zamora,  Studio Manager, Naam Yoga New York

Your closed eyelids flutter, sending brief sparks of light tracing a labyrinthine pattern across the darkness. Your lower back aches in complaint as your legs tingle from the unaccustomed cross-legged position on a hard floor. Outwardly, there is a façade of calm. Inwardly, your mind jabbers on. It confronts you with a collage of scents and [...]

How Does Madonna Stay In Shape? Her Trainer Tells Us.


Everyone knows Madonna has a killer bod, but it doesn't come without hard work, focus and discipline. Here are 5 ways that Madonna’s head personal trainer, Craig Smith, helps her stay in such amazing shape:

  1. Find the Time – We all have busy schedules. It takes discipline and a solid routine to help get in your workouts. Creating maximum efficiency within the framework of your [...]