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5 Reasons You Should Add Weight Training to Your Workout Routine


- By Radan Sturm, Founder of LIFTONIC

Not seeing results? Check out my 5 reasons why you should add weight training to your workout to take your fitness routine to the next level.

  1. Efficiency. Weight training is one of the most effective and time efficient ways to get a lean physique. 
  2. Increases Metabolism. Only by building muscle can you elevate your [...]

FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Gramercy Pilates NYC


With a space designed with the exclusive neighboring Gramercy Park in mind with leafy green walls, natural lighting and a wide-open floor plan, walking into Gramercy Pilates NYC is a breath of fresh air. The actual classes – and there are an abundance of them to choose from – continue this positive experience, as the instructors are certified through their own Teacher Trainer Certification Program that is approved by the [...]

FitReserve Trainer Profile: Kyle Parker


With a pre-med educational background and professional experience that includes oncology, emergency medicine, and physical therapy, Kyle Parker brings a comprehensive understanding of the human body to his fitness career. Kyle is a Trainer and Director of Business Development at Exceed Physical Culture, a boutique, revolutionary functional fitness gym that encourages every member of their community to be an athlete and achieve their highest fitness goals. Here [...]

FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Jivamukti Yoga School


Jivamukti Yoga School
is one of the largest and oldest yoga studios in the United States. This 12,000 square foot facility is the birthplace of Jivamukti Yoga – a practice that incorporates five tenets: scripture, devotion, kindness, music, and meditation. Bring your practice into the studio’s spacious classrooms, and enjoy the Zen vibe that comes from stained glass paneling and high ceilings. After you om, stay awhile for delicious [...]

FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Brooklyn Boulders


It’s up, up, and away at Brooklyn Boulders, a climbing gym in Queensbridge and Somerville. Whether you’re into bouldering, rappelling, or climbing, you can find it at Queensbridge's 25,000 square foot facility or Somerville's 40,000 square foot facility, which also offer strength training, cardio, and yoga classes. Climbs are led by Certified Climbing Instructors that will teach you techniques – along with the oh-so-important proper way to tie [...]