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FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Sixth Street Pilates


Sixth Street Pilates believes that Pilates is for everybody with every body. This airy, intimate studio in the heart of the East Village focuses on giving individual attention to students in small group classes and private sessions. Improve your technique with instructors that have been certified at some of the top teacher certification programs in the country.

Neighborhood: East Village

Classes Offered: Reformer/Springboard – Beginner,  Intermediate [...]

Featured Recipe: The Wake Bowl


- By Ashley E. Bailey, Health Coach

This recipe was born out of me having a couple of nights filled with some heavy food that my system isn't really use to eating and I was feeling like I needed something that was cleansing yet fulfilling and satisfying to my large morning appetite. 

I've continued to make this brekkie meal over and over - experimenting with [...]

10 Reasons to Try Boxing Fitness


- By George Foreman III, Co-founder of EveryBodyFights® & Creator of BoxFIIT™ 

Boxing fitness can challenge and strengthen you both mentally and physically. Here are 10 reasons to try it for yourself:

  1. Full Body Workout: Boxing fitness will engage your upper body, lower body and core which will improve strength, endurance, agility, power and balance. When done properly, boxing fitness can burn up [...]

10 Reasons to Try Indoor Cycling


- By Robin Arzon, Head Coach at Peloton Cycle

  1. You're an athlete. Train like one. Indoor cycling is one of the best cross training exercises to help build endurance and stamina across all athletic modalities. 
  2. Hot jams. If your Spotify playlist is tired and you need some beats and rhymes for inspiration indoor cycling instructors can certainly moonlight as DJs with their cadence bumping [...]