FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Peter Welch's Gym


Originally founded as a training gym for boxers, Peter Welch’s Gym has evolved into a community center where boxing newbies can train alongside world-class fighters. This old school boxing gym is located in a South Boston warehouse, and offers strength, conditioning, and technique classes for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and levels. Put your boxing gloves on to start learning from the highly skilled, hands-on coaches at Peter Welch's Gym, [...]

10 Reasons to Try Boxing Fitness


- By George Foreman III, Co-founder of EveryBodyFights® & Creator of BoxFIIT™ 

Boxing fitness can challenge and strengthen you both mentally and physically. Here are 10 reasons to try it for yourself:

  1. Full Body Workout: Boxing fitness will engage your upper body, lower body and core which will improve strength, endurance, agility, power and balance. When done properly, boxing fitness can burn up [...]

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Foxy and Fierce Women's Kickboxing Bootcamp; Los Angeles, CA


- By Caila Ball

Holding in aggression, anyone? Let it out by shadowboxing, sparring and punching the bag at Seido Karate Hollywood Dojo’s Foxy and Fierce Kickboxing! This total body workout incorporates cardio, strength training, flexibility and agility to make the close-knit, all-female group of students lean, mean kickboxing machines.

“Generally people leave very calm and relaxed after they punch it out,” says Rashad [...]

GoRecess Playground Pro: Tauris McBride; Just Keep Moving Fitness, NYC



Studio: Owner, Just Keep Moving Fitness (JKM) NYC

Classes He Teaches: Warrior Yoga Fitness, Core Aerobics, Kickboxing, Bootcamp, Intro to Mixed Martial Arts

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Background: Tauris McBride struggled with weight his entire life, but it wasn't until 2010, when he weighed a staggering 350 pounds that he realized it was time for a change. Not knowing [...]