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Monthly Archives: February, 2014

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Fitmix Studio; Los Angeles, CA


- By Caila Ball

Whether you are looking to crank up the cardio on the treadmill, strengthen and tone on the Pilates reformer, or unleash your inner rockstar, FITMIX Studio has a workout that will make you sweat.  

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Classes Offered: Endurance Pilates, The Mashup, Pound and Jumpboard

What Makes the Workouts So Effective? Endurance Pilates strengthens and elongates [...]

Staying Active During & After Your Pregnancy


Having a baby is an exciting time.  But it can also be very confusing as you deal with your body's many changes. Here, Lauren Williams, a Doula, Childbirth Educator, Personal Trainer, and Owner of Belly Bliss in Denver, Colorado shares her expertise about working out while you're expecting and after your baby is born.

Up until how late in your pregnancy do you recommend exercising? As long as [...]

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Vélo-City; Boston, MA


Vélo-City's four founders are former college athletes (including one US Marine) with shared passions for the low-impact, 800-1,000-calorie burn of indoor cycling. Intimidated going to many female-dominated spin classes, they opened Vélo-City in Fall 2013 with a goal of delivering a fun and effective workout in a non-competitive, non-intimidating environment that caters to men and women alike.  

Location: Boston, MA

Owners: Thomas Resor, Nick Resor [...]

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Barry's Bootcamp


- By Caila Ball

Need to ramp up your workout? Barry’s Bootcamp cranks up both the cardio and strength training, delivering a workout that even the most avid fitness enthusiast would deem as intense.  Hailing itself as "The Best Workout in the World", Barry’s Bootcamp is designed to burn 1,000 calories per hour session. Indeed, a full hour packed with all movement and no breaks torches those [...]

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Life in Synergy; Boston, MA


- By Ruby Bagedonow

Helena Collins needed a way to change and reshape her body and life and so The Synergistics Fitness Method® and Life in Synergy was born. Taking her knowledge and expertise from 30 years of studying various disciplines, Helena created a workout that is challenging, but doesn’t leave your body feeling beaten up. 

The Synergistics Fitness Method® uses the science of Macro-Muscle Synergy® [...]